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Class Descriptions


In each program we offer our coaches strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment by illustrating kindness, consistency, patience, and acceptance. They also work on reinforcing positive social and listening skills at every class.

18 - 36 months - This is a parent participation class. This popular program has toddlers and parents strengthening basic soccer and movement skills together. In a class that is led by one of our coaches you will play organized games together to further develop listening skills, balance, ball skills, and foot-eye coordination. As their skill sets improve, children will begin to gain self-confidence and independence, preparing them for the next level of our program. Classes will include parachute play, obstacle courses with and without a soccer ball, lots of goal scoring, and the famous soccer bowling! CHILD MUST BE IN THE 18-36mth AGE RANGE FOR THIS CLASS….NO EXCEPTIONS!

3 Year Old Class - This class includes fun filled games that will help refine gross motor skills, as well as develop social awareness and listening skills. Activities in this class will continue to develop basic soccer skills such as dribbling with their heads up, changing directions, and spatial awareness all while touching the ball between 200 and 300 times each class. Most classes will end with a small sided, non-competitive (3 v 3 or 4 v 4) game. ALL CHILDREN MUST BE 3 YEARS OLD BY THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS….NO EXCEPTIONS.

4-5 Year Old Class - This class will work on more advanced ball control with BOTH feet while continuing to stress the importance of basic skills and teamwork. Children will participate in more challenging activities and skill development. Classes will end with a small sided, non-competitive (3 v 3 or 4 v 4) game. ALL CHILDREN MUST BE 4 YEARS OLD BY THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS….NO EXCEPTIONS.

6-8 yr. old / Champions League - During the initial warmup of class, we will continue to develop advanced related dribbling and passing skills and then we will transition into applying those skills as we conduct small sided “real soccer” games for the remainder of class.  This class is for REC and BEGINNER LEVEL players only! ALL CHILDREN MUST BE 6 YEARS OLD BY THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS…NO EXCEPTIONS.