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About Us

LITTLE KICKS was founded on the principle that young children learn best through positive modeling, and when it comes to sports the same is true! We pride ourselves on providing a safe and comfortable environment that allows children to flourish physically, socially, and emotionally. Our amazing coaches consistently illustrate kindness, patience, and acceptance during each and every class. While so many programs focus solely on skill, children will come out of this program not only showing an improvement on their athletic abilities, but they also will display a multitude of life skills that are essential in more than just sports. They will demonstrate good sportsmanship, teamwork, encouragement, and learn the power of positive thinking.

STEPHEN BASELICE, founder, is a United States Soccer Federation "B" licensed coach and trainer. With over 22 years of coaching experience, he has trained teams from the NJ Olympic Development Program, South Jersey Select Soccer, Medford Strikers Soccer Club, Marlton Travel Soccer and the Princeton Soccer Association. While searching for a quality soccer program to enroll his three year old son in, he began to realize that the type of program he was looking for was not out there. Many of the programs he was looking into did not focus on teaching children the fundamental skills of soccer, nor did they seem to have the ability to communicate with younger children on their level. Coach Steve was working in finance at the time and decided that he needed to make a change. As a parent that was going through the process of trying to find a program for his own son, he felt that he had the knowledge to create a dynamite program for other parents in his shoes. In 2009 he decided to develop a soccer program that met his criteria, so with only $400 to his name and a borrowed bag of soccer balls, Little Kicks Soccer was created. The program conducted its very first season with roughly 200 children in the Marlton and Medford areas. Today Little Kicks Soccer conducts classes in over 10 different locations, and we have the pleasure of coaching approximately 1,500 children each season.

Little Kicks Benefits

By enrolling your child in Little Kicks Soccer, you can expect: 

  • Introduction to group and team concepts
  • Emphasis on cooperation, teamwork, and encouragement
  • Improved skill sets that are specific to soccer such as ball control, dribbling, passing, trapping, and scoring goals
  • Development of gross and fine motor skills through fun fitness activities
  • Increased understanding of honesty and respect
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Unique patch rewards system